The VSL Story

When we opened the doors at VSL in 2000 we had a staff of just three, including founders Peter and Dianne McDermott.

Peter a former Chairman of New Zealand Cricket was regarded as one of the most popular and effective members to have sat on the International Cricket Council (ICC). Driven by Peter’s love for cricket and rugby, VSL initially concentrated on events and tours for those two sports with the primary focus being on Over 35s participation and involvement through the World Vintage Sports Carnivals.

VSL is now a global company with satellite offices in London, Toronto, Cape Town, Buenos Aires and Adelaide. We are fortunate enough to still have our headquarters here in New Zealand based in Rodney, Auckland.

Over the past 15 years we have expanded our core sports repertoire to include Netball, Field Hockey, Football, Basketball, Softball and Golf. Now, our flagship events are the Golden Oldies World Sports Festivals, acquired from Air New Zealand in 2012. Built on the ethos of ‘Fun, Friendship and Fraternity’ the festivals lead the worldwide Golden Oldies Sports movement attracting up to 6000 participants at each Festival giving absolute enjoyment both on and off the field.

Our other main brand is the World Schools Sports Challenge. Focusing on Sport, Culture and Education, the World Schools Sports Challenge movement is based on inclusion with no qualifying criteria range at events. Although we include elite grades, the World Schools Golf and World Schools Cricket Challenges are for any school, from any part of the world.

As well as spearheading participation sports event movements, VSL and its principals also provide a range of expert advisory, consulting and management services to sports organisations around the world, ranging from the BMX World Championships to the Cricket World Cup.

VSL designs, manages and promotes a range of international sports events, tournaments and tours specifically planned for schools, clubs and sporting associations. Attractive destinations are selected for the Sports Festivals, Carnivals and tours run on a regular time cycle.