The great success of the Golden Oldies movement is built around the spirit of Fun, Friendship and Fraternity. Golden Oldies has carved its own niche in the sporting world.

Friendships made in sport are both endearing and enduring. The Golden Oldies Movement provides the perfect opportunity to retain and grow those bonds.

The Golden Oldies sporting movement ensures you can continue playing your favourite sport after reaching 35 years of age in a way that gives absolute enjoyment on and off the field or court and without the stress. You can remain active and participate without suffering the pains of serious competition but at the same time play to the best of your ability and enjoy it.

Supporters are always welcomed into this special fraternity and as members of teams. They also participate in the social functions included in the packages and are encouraged to join in the opening ceremonies and parade with the players.

The biennial World Festivals for each sport offer the opportunity to visit remarkable destinations in a way no ordinary tourist can enjoy and to catch up with friends and fellow sports lovers from around the globe.

Grassroots members numbering over 50,000 ensure that the Festivals remain true to the sport. International and National Representatives are appointed to oversee all developments.

Each Festival provides a week of sport and associated activities and functions. Everything is arranged to create spectacularly memorable occasions. While each Festival is acclaimed to be the ‘best yet’ you can be sure that the next one will be even better!

Fun, Friendship, Fraternity. That’s Golden Oldies Sport. is the official home of the Golden Oldies World Sports Festivals.

Golden Oldies Sports Festivals commenced in 1979 with a Rugby Festival in Auckland that attracted 16 teams. In 1983 the first Golden Oldies Hockey Festival took place and in 1984 the first Golden Oldies Cricket Festival was held in Auckland and attracted 34 teams.

Netball, Football, Softball and Golf have all since been added with each Festival proving to be bigger than the previous. In 2018 we will have our first Golden Oldies Lawn Bowls, Golden Oldies Basketball and Golden Oldies Squash Festivals.

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