Joel Garner


It is exciting that Barbados will be hosting the 17th Golden Oldies Work Cricket Festival in 2017. Having grown up on the island of Barbados, I am thrilled to be able to showcase our home grounds to fellow cricket enthusiasts from around the cricketing world.

Barbados is a cricket lover’s dream! Our people have a passion for everything cricket. This is apparent as you explore the island and engage with the local cricket buffs (and they are all experts). With over 70 venues (and I have played on quite a few) to choose from, Golden Oldies have selected some of the finest.

Barbados is one of the world’s cricket capitals and is also one of the really beautiful Caribbean destinations. It is certainly exciting times ahead for us, not only to showcase our stunning island and diverse culture to you, but to introduce to you some of the finest Barbados rum!

Having played in a Golden Oldies Cricket Festival I well know the fun to be had on and off the field and I look forward to welcoming you to Barbados in 2017.


Joel Garner
Barbados Cricket Association