Join the Bullrouts in Christchurch

Grafton Big River Bullrouts can’t wait for Christchurch!

By Paul Guest

The Grafton Big River Bullrouts will be joining over 100 other Golden Oldies Teams at the 2018 World Festival in Christchurch

On Saturday, I caught up with one of our most popular Golden Oldies teams from New South Wales, the Grafton Big River Bullrouts.

“The Bullrout story as I know it,” Team member Scoota recalls, “Is that we officially became the Grafton Big River Bullrouts in 1999. Prior to this we were known as Grafton Corruption. I’m glad we changed the name!

“Founding members of the Bullrouts played for another team in Cape Town,1998, with the Bullrouts first official Festival being Adelaide in 1999. We have been to 10 Festivals since including the 21st Celebration in Cardiff last year. What a Festival!”

Based in South Grafton, 84k north of Coffs Harbour, the Bullrouts are all about inclusion, especially when it comes to the number of couples that join them on tour, “Our club is all about fun and fraternity, of course, with a special emphasis on including our partners with every venture undertaken.” Scoota stressed. The Bullrouts have a wide-range of ages involved in their team, with the long-standing members of the club making a point to introduce new blood to the team whenever they can.

“Our youngest member is 35. the oldest 75 and he is still very active on and off the field.”

The Bullrouts are holding their annual ‘Six Pack’ Tournament on 15th July at Rugby Park in South Grafton.

Members young and not-so-young will be part of the Bullrouts 11th Festival appearance next April at the 2018 Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival in Christchurch, part of the month-long Christchurch Casino Golden Oldies Sports Celebration, “We are very excited about Christchurch. Some members already have their flights booked. If anyone is looking for a team to join please get in touch, we love having new members join us on tour.”

As part of their on and off the field preparations for Christchurch, the Bullrouts are hosting their annual ‘Six Pack Tournament’ in July. So if you’re in the New South Wales area and looking for a game, either get your team along or contact Scoota and join the Bullrouts.

The Bullrouts are one of over 100 teams now registered for the 2018 World Festival in what is shaping up to be one of the biggest in Golden Oldies Rugby History. Take a look at the full list of teams here.

The Bullrouts’ Six Pack Tournament is being held on the 15th of July at Rugby Park, South Grafton, kicking-off at 11am. Get in touch with Scoota on 0448 868 205 or email him on to be part of their day.

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