Golden Oldies Hockey Festival next year!

Patron Saint of Goalkeepers

German Golden Oldies hockey goalie Frank Schlageter is proof perseverance pays off. 35 years and many set backs after developing the first ever foam hockey leg guards, he has developed a goalie protection ‘jacket’ for the upper body and pants and is looking to add gloves, shin guards and kickers to his innovative range of hockey products.

Frank, who played for Original Reborn Veterans at the Golden Oldies World Hockey Festivals in Cape Town earlier this year, developed his original leg guards in 1982 when he was playing for Berliner Hockey Club in Germany’s first division (Bundesliga). Despite owning the patent for his inventive product he couldn’t find a distributor and it wasn’t long before a competitor brought out a similar version that monopolised the market.

Undaunted Frank continued his design work and is excited his products are now available at TK Hockey for hockey players all over the world. While Frank is unable to attend the Christchurch Golden Oldies World Hockey Festival next year he is hoping there will be a good representation of his products on the torsos and legs of goalies in Christchurch.

Frank’s playing credentials ensure his goalie protection products are based on real experience. He was a goalie in the German Bundesliga for 12 years and won six German championships during that time, he played in junior and youth grades for Team Germany and has the highest German coaching degree awarded in the past 30 years. When not inventing hockey gear, Frank concentrates on goalie training and camps and is a freelance TV journalist covering Formula One, soccer, tennis, ice hockey and Olympic Games.

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