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Ronnie and the Auckland Indians

At a Golden Oldies Hockey Festival if there is a group of people laughing there is a better then even chance that Ronnie Nathoo is in the middle of it.

Since their first festival in Fiji in 2003, Ronnie’s team has participated in six Golden Oldies Festivals from Fiji to Argentina, Australia to South Africa, Hawaii to Germany, Ronnie and his Auckland Indian team have travelled the globe through the Golden Oldies movement.

They are signed sealed and delivered for more fun in Christchurch next year.

Their journey so far has featured exciting new destinations, experiencing new cultures, finding new (and catching up with old) drinking partners, meeting like-minded people from around the world and rekindling friendships.

Fundraising activities are also imbued with the same sense of fun that characterizes the team, whether its raising funds for Fiji by selling glad-wrap and chocolates, beanies and gloves at Warriors (Auckland NRL team) home games through to the team’s infamous curry nights.

2007 Rosario, Argentina
A great opportunity to travel to a destination most of the team had not been to, with a post-Festival side trip to Brazil to check out the sights on the beaches.

2009 Adelaide, Australia
One of the wettest Festivals on record couldn’t put a dampener on the fun and misbehavior. Ronnie’s enthusiasm on and off the field saw him receive the Festival’s ‘Friendship Award’.

2013 Honolulu, Hawaii
Aloha!  With the grounds opposite the beach, dips in the ocean between games were compulsory.

2015 Leipzig, Germany
For the first time since joining the Golden Oldies fraternity, the Auckland Indians entered a mixed team that had a truly international feel. Players from New Zealand were joined by Australians, Irish and Canadians.

2017 Cape Town, South Africa
The success of the mixed team in Leipzig was enough to keep the team in the mixed grade, adding players from Singapore to the fold in Cape Town.

2018 Christchurch, New Zealand
Ronnie and the Auckland Indians will again play in the mixed grade and are looking for players from around the world to join them.

If you want to join them, please contact Christine Augusto –

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