World Schools Cricket Challenge Winners!

Winners 1st XI
1st PlaceMcGain ECA (Melbourne AUS)
2nd PlaceHillcrest High School (Hamilton NZ)
3rd PlaceGrootvlei Academy (South Africa)
4th PlaceScholastica Mirpur (Bangladesh)
Development XI
1st PlaceIslamabad Private School (Pakistan)
2nd PlaceHaileybury (Melbourne)
3rd PlaceSt Andrews College (Christchurch NZ)
4th PlaceGrootvlei Academy (South Africa)
5th PlaceMentone Grammar School (Melbourne)
6th PlaceBaba Isher Singh School (India)

Day 3 Results

Haileybury 1st XI 312-4, Scholastica Mirpur 116 all out. Win to Haileybury.

Grootvlei U19s 131 all out, Hillcrest High School 134-5. Win to Hillcrest.

Mentone Grammar 170 all out, Grootvlei Devel 88 all out. Win to Mentone.

St Andrews 246-5, Islamabad 249-3. Win to Islamabad.

Haileybury Devel 263-6, Baba Isher Singh 31 all out. Win to Haileybury.

Point Standings 1st XI group
McGain ECA/Haileybury6
Hillcrest High School 4
Grootvlei U19 2
Scholastica Mirpur0
Point Standings Development group
Islamabad 6
Grootvlei 2
St Andrews 2
Baba Isher 0

DRAWS FOR TODAY: Results posted tonight!

Haileybury Orange Oval: McGain ECA v Hillcrest High School (1st XI final).

Haileybury Hazlitt Oval: Islamabad v Grootvlei Devel.

Haileybury Fisher Oval: Haileybury Devel v Mentone.

Geelong Main Oval: Mirpur v Grootvlei U19 (1st XI 3rd/4th playoff)

Geelong Perry Oval: St Andrews v Baba Isher Singh.

Previous Days Results

  • At Dingley CC: McGain ECA v Hillcrest. Hillcrest 163 all out, McGain ECA 164-7.
  • At Kingston-Hawthorn CC: Grootvlei U19 v Scholastica Mirpur. Grootvlei 188 all out, Scholastica Mirpur 79 all out.
  • At Haileybury Orange Oval: Baba Isher Singh 122 all out, Islamabad Private School 124-3.
  • At Haileybury Hazlitt Oval: Grootvlei Devel 102 all out, Haileybury Devel 104-6
  • At Mentone: St Andrews 245-9, Mentone Grammar 202-9
Point Standings 1st XI group
McGain ECA/Haileybury 4
Hillcrest High School2
Grootvlei U19 2
Scholastica Mirpur0
Point Standings Development group
Grootvlei Devel 2
St Andrews2
Baba Isher Singh 0
Mentone Grammar 0
Top Runs
E. Harrington-Watt119
J. Hamb 118
Hassan Nasir112
Top Wicket takers
Alec McComb10
Atang Swartbooi 7
Hendre Greyling 6
Noah Severin6
Ismail Ishaq Khan 6
Tom Officer 6
E. Harrington-Watt119
Hat Tricks
Amitoj Singh5-54 incl hat trick