We all know teenagers aren’t the best savers (unless the new copy of their favourite Xbox game is about to hit shelves) and often the cost of sporting trips fall on the shoulders of the caregivers. We have come up with some ideas on how to supplement the cost of this fantastic sporting, cultural and educational experience.

Non-Uniform/Mufti Day

  • Ask your school if you can put on a Non-Uniform day. Make it fun and add a theme, that way you can have a laugh and raise money. Make sure you ask for a silent donation.

Bake Sale

  • Who doesn’t love a good bake sale? It’s time to dig out the trusty bowl and spoon and whip up one of your many culinary ‘delights’.

Quiz Night

  • Book out the school hall or club house and invite all your friends, family, acquaintances and the girl next door. Ask around local businesses for vouchers or gifts that you can use as prizes.

Movie Night

  • Approach your local cinema to see if you can book out a viewing of an upcoming film. Then add on your mark up and get selling!


  • Someone’s got to do it. Approach your local supermarket or chain store and see if your team can help with stocktake. At a price of course

Sausage sizzle

  • No one can resist the smell of a good sausage sizzle. Many large retail stores have a BBQ ready and waiting, all you have to do is bring the sausages, bread and sauce.

Car wash

  • Set up a car wash in your school or club’s car park and get to scrubbing. Don’t forget to advertise to the locals.