World Schools Sports Challenge 2018

Open to any school from any part of the world or Club team consisting of students under 19.
Schools and clubs can enter as many teams as they wish.

School team members must be pupils or immediate past pupils of their school. Age range is 14 – 18 years inclusive as of 31st March, 2018.

Club team members must be either current or immediate past pupils of the local school.

All teams will need to be accompanied by teachers, coaches or registered caregivers on a ratio of 1 adult for every 8 players. In the event the group is less than 8 there must be one supervising adult.

Teams can enter into the following grades:

  • Senior Boys (Under 19)
  • Development XV Boys (Under 16)
  • Club XV Boys (Under 19)
  • Club Development XV Boys (Under 16)
  • Girls 10-a-side (Under 19)
  • Club Girls 10-a-side (Under 16)

Teams will initially be graded according to self-assessed ability, background and experience, then through grading games during the first day of matches.

  • All games will be refereed by official qualified referees.
  • Under 16 XV games will consist of two 30 minutes halves.
  • Under 19 XV games will consist of two 35 minute halves.
  • The normal yellow and red card system will apply and an experienced Judiciary Committee will be in attendance.
  • St Johns Medical staff will be present on all game days.