Your tour, your way

VSL specialises in sports tours for schools and club sides of all ages and abilities.

We have contacts and agents throughout the world, but more importantly we are in regular contact with hundreds of teams against whom you could play…

Rugby in Argentina, Cricket in California, Softball in Australia, Netball in South Africa – we can help you organise your tour!

We have organised group tours to the most travelled destinations and we offer a personal customised tour for you.

Sports tours for people who passionately enjoy playing the game.

When we arrange a tour we will match your teams ability to those of your hosts so the matches are competitive and fun.

It is a big decision for any club to go on tour and there will undoubtedly be team members who may initially have money issues.

So, subscribe to one of our newsletters and get your team members to do likewise. The articles there will give them a good taste for a tour and once there is enough excitement, the money will be found!

We would of course like you to go on tour in the next couple of months but our experience is that tours take longer than this to organise – often 9 to 15 months. We understand these timescales and will work with you all the way.