VSL – Organising participation-based sports events, coupled with travel for over 35 years.

Whether you want to attend one of our global over-35s Festivals and Carnivals like Golden Oldies and Vintage or you want to attend one of our World Schools Challenges we’re here to help you.

Are you looking for someone to run your event? We have been involved in events as diverse as the Cricket World Cup to the BMX World Championships, to charity golf days. If you’re passionate about it, then we can help you make a success of it.

If you want to take your team or club on tour anywhere in the world. We can tailor-make a tour to fit your team, your way. We have organised tours to over 50 different cities around the world for teams, clubs, schools and social groups from nearly 40 countries.

If you have a specific need, feel free to get in touch and tell us what you want to do and we’ll sort through the logistics and organise it for you!

We’ve started spreading our wings into specialised leisure tours too. Di’s Needlework Tour to the USA is the first of many that we have developed for a specialised group who previously were not catered for. The sky really is the limit! If you’ve got something in mind, let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The VSL Team!


Following a lengthy career in the sports management industry, VSL Events founder and Managing Director, Peter McDermott, was just settling into a well-deserved retirement when he got coaxed back into the business by the growing demand for a premier international cricket experience for over 35’s.

With a strong cricket background, Peter established the Vintage Cricket ‘movement’ in 2001and so became VSL Events! Vintage Rugby followed soon after and both have been going strong since and show no signs of slowing down!

The emphasis at each Carnival is on enjoyment. Teams play in groups based on age, agility and fitness. There are no winners or losers and no Carnival champions. There are awards presented at the final dinner recognising those players and teams who entered into the spirit and enjoyment of the Carnival week. The Carnival rules and playing conditions ensure all teams will be offered the chance to play as competitively as they wish against like-minded teams from around the world.

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