Fun, friendly competition and companionship on and off the field.

The Vintage Cricket movement began in 2001 and was designed by mature cricketers for the enjoyment of mature cricketers.

The founders of Vintage Cricket agreed that all games will be played within the Laws of Cricket but with a number of new rules introduced to suit Vintage players, their requirements, fitness levels and abilities.

Vintage Cricket is for the enjoyment and participation of cricket players and supporters from anywhere and of any ability! From past national representatives, past State players, club players and part timers, everyone is welcome to enjoy the Vintage Cricket experience.

Though all cricketers of all ages and abilities are competitive and always play to win, Vintage Cricket emphasises the enjoyment of the game on and off the field. There are no trophies, no championships and no test matches within Vintage Cricket. There is friendly competition, happy rivalries and a good deal of fun within the Carnivals wherever and whenever it is played.

Players who have taken part in Carnivals have included stars such as Joel Garner, Geoff Howarth, Geoff Lawson, Rick Darling, Gary Troup, Anshuman Gaekwad, Yarjuvindra Singh, Brian Hardie, Franklin Stephens and Cam Thomas. “Cam who?” you may ask…but Cam represents all that is great about Vintage Cricket…a late cricket developer, Cam is an American who took up cricket when well into adulthood and who plays his cricket in Portland, Oregon!

Vintage Cricket caters for all cricketers from West Indian, Australian, Indian and New Zealand superstars to American newcomers to the game.

The Vintage Cricket Movement is thriving with over 90 teams having been involved in the 1st five Carnivals and many more waiting to join. Vintage Cricket is intended to be a “celebration of the great game of cricket” – a fantastic description penned by Harvey Jolly, Cricket Manager of South Australia Cricket Association in Adelaide and one now adopted as a mission statement for the Vintage Cricket Movement.