The Bytown Rugby Foundation

The Bytown Rugby Foundation was created in 2015 with the goal of supporting and encouraging young rugby players who may find playing rugby too expensive. Disadvantaged youth are encouraged to play and will be supported by the Foundation with supply of equipment and playing gear. Within Ontario many of the youth representative teams have a pay to play policy which means players are required to cover all their costs. The Foundation ensures that no player is excluded from playing representative rugby as a result of financial limitations.

The Foundation supports both boys and girls rugby. With the interest in rugby amongst immigrant groups there are girls who can only play wearing head scarves. Those players are required to wear scrum caps and the Foundation has been able to cover the costs.

The object of the Vintage Rugby Carnival in supporting the Foundation, a registered not-for-profit entity, is to provide cash and equipment to enable young people in Ontario to enjoy the opportunity to play Rugby. Vintage Rugby very successfully supported a similar charity in Hawaii in 2012.

Vintage Rugby is delighted and proud to support the objectives of the Foundation that coincide with those of Vintage Rugby-the expansion of the enjoyment of rugby at all levels.

Bytown Rugby Foundation is associated with Bytown Rugby Club and has the following Directors:

Jim Nordin (Ottawa)

Lee Powell (Ottawa)

Jim Shaw (Ottawa)

Richard Fleming (Ottawa)

Sam Laggis (Ottawa)