Ottawa, Capital City to Enjoy

Ottawa, is a cosmopolitan attractive city that offers visitors some wonderful experiences including riding part of the more than 600 kilometres to cruising the tranquil Rideau Canal waterway.

Ottawa is home to several national museums that allow visitors to see some of the best art in the world, learn about Canada’s military history, Aboriginal community and the young nation’s contributions to the world of flight. A pedestrian-friendly city Ottawa has a wide and exciting range of restaurants and bars andh some of the country’s best cultural attractions, all within a 20-minute walk from many downtown area hotels .

This city is a uniquely beautiful place. An urban centre on the edge of nature where you can enjoy the great outdoors — just outside your hotel room, and nearby in the surrounding country side. There’s an easy cosmopolitan vibe here, and Ottawa is known for being both welcoming and walkable.

Explore the distinctive local neighbourhoods, including the historic ByWard Market. By day this area boasts a bustling farmers’ market and chic shops, by night it hums with activity at the restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs.

Ottawa, our next destination has so much going for it and is a worthy destination for the 2017 Vintage Rugby Carnival.


Twin Elm Rugby Park, Home Ground for the Vintage Rugby Carnival

In the early 1970’s a group of dedicated rugby enthusiasts recognized the need to establish a facility for the promotion and development of rugby football in the national capital area.

This need was reinforced by the fact that while rugby was growing at an incredible rate clubs were unable to accommodate our visiting guests due to a lack of sufficient and appropriate sized fields on which to play.

A sub-committee of the Ottawa Area Rugby Association was formed and after considering several options a twenty-five acre parcel of land was purchased in the south-west corner of Nepean.

In 1973 Twin Elm Rugby Park was incorporated and management received a grant allowing the site to be developed in 1974 and 1975. During construction of the fields the rugby community pitched in where and when they could and picked rocks, stumps and any other debris that surfaced prior to shaping and seeding of the fields.

The building was built without any bleachers and each of the four owner clubs was assigned their respective dedicated changing room. The upper deck had no seating but did have a wall running along the front edge enabling spectators to stand around out of the weather and watch the games on the front pitch.

The site now consists of five full size international pitches, a clubhouse with sixteen changing rooms, two sets of showers, two lounges, a kitchen, a large raised covered deck and a converted double-decker bus used for a canteen. The original grandstand and upper deck bleachers were installed in 1992. In 2001 the club benefited from a City of Nepean Legacy Grant which enabled them to purchase and install seating increasing the grandstand seating to 3,200.

150 Years Old in 2017

2017 will see Canada celebrate 150 years since the establishment of Confederation. In the mid-19th century, British North America was a patchwork of colonial lands that included two colonies on the Pacific coast, the North-Western Territory and Rupert’s Land, the Province of Canada (previously Lower and Upper Canada), the colony of Newfoundland and the Maritime provinces of Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

An inspired group of people called the Fathers of Confederation worked with leaders of the various provinces to get a united Canada finally established in 1867. The plan for Confederation was discussed at a conference in Charlottetown in 1864 and was further refined and agreed in a conference in Quebec. In 1867 an Act was passed in London that finalised the union of the provinces and on July 1, 1867, gave birth to the Dominion of Canada.

Vintage Rugby is proud to be part of the 150th Celebrations and to have their 8th Carnival in such a great city during such an auspicious occasion.